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About Us:

Primarily based out of Washington DC, Vulnerable Minds brings together some of the area's finest young minds in Information Assurance. To us, security is a state of mind. The mindset that drives a hacker to wreak havoc on the Internet is the same mindset we use to defend it. This ability to think like our foes, coupled with ambition, innovation, and a dash of organized mayhem leads to cutting edge research, innovative development, and the evolution of the next generation information security professionals. Check out our blog to see more.

Past Projects:

Academic Paper - Form Follows Function: Information Assurance Network Design for Problem Based Learning

Academic Paper - Adding When, Where, And Why To How: Providing Ethical Context in Aggressive Information Security Labs

Presentation -"A Plenary Session on the Security and Social Impact of the One Laptop Per Child program": Sean V. Coyne and Scott J. Roberts with Ivan Krstic and Jason Scott at Shmoocon 2007.

Present Projects:

Project Tango/Pulse - RELEASED! - Know more today than you knew yesterday about what you're going to be dealing with tomorrow with Vulnerable Minds Pulse.

Snort - The "I Wanna Be An Intrusion Analyst Today" Snort for OSX Install Guide and Package

The "Hardcore Snort for OSX" Install Guide

Future Projects:

Subrosa - You've seen "anonymous" communication, now try anarchistic communication.

S.C.A.R.P. - Do Unto Others As They've Done To You

Grey Ghost - How be an Internet Vigilante in 3 hours or less.

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